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DockRiders' Cycling Club

picture Day October 12 Sunday. Be there!

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"Spinning our wheels all over the place."©

Welcome to the official Web Page of the DockRiders. 2013 will mark the 17th year we've been a bike club. With years in the making, (Not this site.), and tons of miles mixed in with the pleasantries of each individual rider idiosyncrasy, viola, you get the DockRiders! This group of riders traverses throughout the City of Los Angeles, and its surrounding areas.

They ride with one thing in mind: riding safely! Their starting point would be in the parking lot at Dock 52, in Marina Del Rey. (Hence the name, "DockRiders" with the number 52!)

The DockRiders' name was coined by Topgun, many years ago. (Because we ride at the Dock.)The bike group at the time liked it so much, it became the official registered name. One of the main staples of the DockRiders is giving out monikers. If you ride and become a member, you will be giving a nickname that is associated with your riding idiosyncrasies. This is just one of the little fun things that they do? They have names such as; Pit stop, Sleeveless, Snapshot, Mr. Steady, Baby Turbo, Bro-Gyver, and Cruiser just to name a few!

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